Public Notes: Quicktasks

As you can see, I only had a a handful of blog posts since.

Writing for the sake of it isn’t my forte but focused and a quick one is.

Quick notes is how I’ve done it since about 2010. I still remember the first internal documentation I made for the sparsely documented tool our Team was using. I called it SEA (for Slightly Explored Areas).

After I moved to another company, I copied the same idea into an internal confluence pages as quick notes, separated per technology like:

  • quicktasks - AWS
  • quicktasks - Drupal
  • quicktasks - Ansible
  • quicktasks - Acquia
  • quicktasks - Git

The above are a sample but I had about 19 major categories.

I document things that aren’t obvious (at least to me and the Team). Then I discovered Hugo and that’s how I started porting the internal confluence pages to GitHub with each repos. Since my site was hosted in GitHub Pages back then, I created a TravisCI automation to compile the the Hugo site to static and push it as ghpages branch. With that, a virtual subfolder for my site is created for each category like:


And the main link at lists all those quick tasks.

Then I created a tool to manage creating “new quick tasks”.

BUT as you can see, maintenance increases as the number of quick tasks grows. So I consolidated it.

Then came the time when I was adding a lot of entries that my free allocation for Travis got exhausted…and GitHub pages for some reason fails to load my site. So I moved the main site and it’s now in Cloudflare Pages and the quicktask site in Netlify.

And yes, if you’re interested to get all the quick task I have so far, it’s public so you can git clone it:


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