Some Interesting Sites

IT / Computing / Electronics

Quick Learning

Docker / Kubernetes


IT Security

Learn Python

Learn Go

Basic Sysadmin Tools




  • MSYS2 - When you’re in Windows that doesn’t support WSL and you want a better Unix-like CLI. This is better than Cygwin.
  • GreenShot - open-source screenshot solution for Windows

Practical Frameworks

  • HTMLy - flat-file CMS that allows you to create a fast, secure, and powerful website or blog in seconnds.

Web Dev / Accessibility

  • Docksal - best tool for local web development without learning the nitty gritty docker and docker-compose things
  • WhoCanUse - Who can use this color combination?
  • Provus - Promet’s opensource framework for Drupal 8/9. I implemented the current automatic drupal core upgrade functionality.
  • Photopea - FREE Photoshop-like tool on the web

Bash scripting


  • Jemery Fielding Youtube
  • BitStoc - Cebu-based electronics shop that has Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • CircuitRocks - PH-based electronics shop and also sells in Shopee and Lazada
  • - Camarines, PH based electronics shop. Also sells in Shopee and Lazada
  • MakerLab - PH-based electronics shop. Also sells in Shopee and Lazada
  • LayadCircuits - Pinoy seller (Benguet based). Test buy ongoing.
  • CreateLabz - Pinoy seller (Davao-based) but haven’t tested yet but seems good


Amazing things

  • Atlas Obscura - definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders.

Effective Communication

Learning Japanese