IBM Buys RedHat

Yes, it’s official: IBM is indeed buying RedHat. I’m an pro-Open Source and RedHat (and derivative OS such as CentOS) is my favorite but I don’t see anything bad from it. Instead, I’m very happy that the enterprise world that IBM represents some several decades ago is now taking in RedHat (a huge Open Source advocate AND backer) as it’s own.

Whether open source or closed source, any business would need to be in a good financial capacity in order to move forward. The computing world is demanding less for more (e.g. cloud computing vs traditional rack/blade machines, microservices vs virtual machines) which would mean companies would have to innovate more and be creative in a good way just to create viable products and be profittable at the same time. While creating that viable product though, there are times that you need to put in a lot of mistakes to get into your viable product and that entails financial cushion. Combining RedHat with IBM provides that cushion which is great. It could take in bigger and bolder (but of course, calculated) initiatives than before and reap in bigger profits.

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