Enforcing Always HTTPS in Github Pages

For those who knows how to look, this personal site of mine is hosted in Github Pages.

I have my notes in https://ismael.casimpan.com/quicktasks. Each individual quicktask is a repo (e.g https://github.com/icasimpan/quicktasks-drupal.git) with TravisCI integration that builds it.

However, I noticed that some of my quicktasks are not always https or is not redirected automatically. Look at the http headers for (QuickTask for Postfix)[http://ismael.casimpan.com/quicktasks-postfix] when accessing it without the protocol:

Visit Quicktask Postfix without protocol - before enforced https

I never paid attention to those before, but today, I was curious as to why. I know now…

There is this option in github repo settings called “Enforce HTTPS”. Settings to Enforce HTTPS Just tick it and the github pages always gets redirected to https.

Wait for about 15minutes or so for the cache to be cleared by github pages. Here’s the same visit via curl after cache is purged: Visit Quicktask Postfix without protocol - after enforced https

More details in Github’s Documentation for enforced https.

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